Seminár z algebraickej teórie grafov - Daniel Ševčovič (10.11.2023)

v piatok 10.11.2023 o 13:00 hod. v posluchárni M VIII aj online

07. 11. 2023 11.27 hod.
Od: Martin Mačaj

Prednášajúci: Daniel Ševčovič

Názov: On the Moore-Penrose pseudo-inversion of block symmetric matrices and its application in the graph theory

Termín: 10.11.2023, 13:00 hod., M VIII a MS Teams 

In this talk we analyze the Moore-Penrose pseudo-inversion of symmetric real matrices with application in the graph theory. We introduce a novel concept of positively and negatively pseudo-inverse matrices and graphs. We also give sufficient conditions on the elements of a block symmetric matrix yielding an explicit form of its Moore-Penrose pseudo-inversion. Using the explicit form of the pseudo-inverse matrix we can construct pseudo-inverse graphs for a class of graphs which are constructed from the original graph by adding pendent vertices or pendant paths. This is a joint work with Soňa Pavlíková.

Those of you who are not able to attend in person or who are still uncertain about the safety of attending in person are welcome to attend via MS Teams. In either case, we hope to see as many of you as possible (either in person or virtually) at our Friday gatherings.