Seminár KEF - František Herman (15.3.2021)

v pondelok 15.3.2021 o 15:00 hod. online formou

08. 03. 2021 21.12 hod.
Od: Anna Zahoranová

Prednášajúci:  Mgr. František Herman, PhD. 

Názov: Large twisting angles in bilayer graphene moiré quantum dot structures

Termín: 15.3.2021, 15:00 hod., MS Teams

Recent exploration of the commensurate structure in turbostratic double-layer graphene shows that large-angle twisting can be treated by the decrease of the effective velocity within the energy spectra of single-layer graphene. Within our work, we use this result as a starting point, aiming towards understanding the physics of large-angle twisted double-layer graphene (i.e., moiré) quantum dot systems. We show that within this simple approach, using the language of the first quantization, an unrealized (to our knowledge), illustrative property of the commutation relation appears in graphene physics. Intriguingly, large twisting angles are shown to be suitable for tuning the position symmetry in graphene systems. We would also like to sketch our present work, as well as the role of the exciton states in graphene quantum dots.