Seminár z algebraickej teórie grafov - Martin Bachratý (13.10.2023)

v piatok 13.10.2023 o 13:00 hod. v posluchárni M VIII aj online

10. 10. 2023 15.09 hod.
Od: Martin Mačaj

Prednášajúci: Martin Bachratý (Slovak University of Technology, Bratislava)

Názov: What are skew morphisms and how to find them?

Termín: 13.10.2023, 13:00 hod., M VIII a MS Teams 

A skew morphism of a finite group G is a specific permutation of G, the definition of which closely resembles that of a group automorphism. Skew morphisms were first introduced in the paper by Robert Jajcay and Jozef Širáň in 2002, where it was shown that they are closely related to an important class of highly symmetric three-dimensional objects. In the first part of this talk, we will illustrate this relationship using practical examples. In the second part, we will discuss skew morphisms of finite cyclic groups. Specifically, we will explain why it is hard to find all skew morphisms of a given cyclic group and how we can combine theoretical observations and computational methods to tackle this problem.

We will also list some closed mathematical problems that we managed to solve using data acquired from our computations.

Joint work with Michal Hagara

Those of you who are not able to attend in person or who are still uncertain about the safety of attending in person are welcome to attend via MS Teams. In either case, we hope to see as many of you as possible (either in person or virtually) at our Friday gatherings.