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Future of Big Data scholarships on CEU MSc in Finance

02. 06. 2017 12.21 hod.
Od: Patrik Kmetek

Dear students, 

I am Associate Professor of Finance and MSc in Finance Director at CEU.

I have just managed to negotiate additional Future of Big Data scholarships with a London hedge fund. The donor wants students with 

  • a degree in a quantitative field: science, computer science, mathematics, engineering and economics.
  • demonstrated interest in programming, data analytics and financial markets.

The scholarship criteria are so specific because the fund is looking to consider the recipients for an internship (and potentially a full-time position) in its London office.

Could you please share the attached poster, or even this very email, with your graduating students and alumni in quantitative fields? I can accept applications until June 12. Those interested to apply are welcome to contact me with any questions.

The Future of Big Data scholarships cover 

  • full tuition
  • a dedicated mentor providing academic support
  • a paid research assistantship for those in need of financial assistance. 

To be considered, the applicants’ statement of purpose should indicate their interest and discussing what makes them an ideal candidate for a Future of Big Data scholarship.

Full details on how to apply are available on the MSc in Finance website.

Peter G. Szilagyi, PhD
Associate Professor of Finance
MSc in Finance Faculty Director
Editor, Journal of Multinational Financial Management
Nador u. 9 | 1051 Budapest, Hungary +36 20 553 6006