Seminár z teórie grafov - Martin Bachratý (15.12.2022)

vo štvrtok 15.12.2022 o 9:50 hod. v miestnosti M/213

12. 12. 2022 23.24 hod.
Od: Martin Škoviera

Prednášajúci: Martin Bachratý (STU Bratislava)

Názov: Orientably-regular maps with no non-trivial exponents

Termín: 15.12.2022, 9:50 hod., M 213

Given an orientable map M, and an integer e relatively prime to the valency of M, the e-th rotational power M^e of M is the map formed by replacing the cyclic rotation of edges around each vertex with its e-th power. If maps M and M^e are isomorphic, and the corresponding isomorphism preserves the orientation of the carrier surface, then we say that e is an exponent of M.

In the talk we will give an outline of methods and results leading to a computer-free classification of orientably-regular maps of genus $p+1$ for all primes $p\le 83$ (and hence for all primes $p$). This is a report on a joint work with M. Bachraty, M. Conder and J. Siagiova.

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