Seminár ODI - Ricardo Queirós (23.5.2022)

v pondelok 23.5.2022 o 14:00 hod. v miestnosti I 32

22. 05. 2022 22.52 hod.
Od: Mária Čujdíková

Prednášajúci: Dr. Ricardo Queirós

Názov prednášky: My journey to improve programming teaching

Termín: 23.5.2022, 14:00 hod., I 32

Computer programming is difficult to teach and learn. Over time, there have been several approaches to mitigate this problem, but despite the various promises most teachers continue to use traditional methodologies for the teaching-learning process.This talk tells the story of my journey to try to improve programming teaching using two approaches that encourage programming practice: automatic evaluation and gamification.