Seminár Katedry teoretickej fyziky - Eugenia Boffo (13.12.2022)

v utorok 13.12.2022 o 14:00 hod. v miestnosti M X

30. 11. 2022 12.29 hod.
Od: Peter Maták

Prednášajúci: Eugenia Boffo (Matematický ústav, Karlova Univerzita Praha)

Názov: On the backgrounds of spinning particles

Termín: 13.12.2022, 14:00 hod., miestnosť M X


Spinning particles are models for point particles with spin degrees of freedom. They automatically feature N-supersymmetry on the worldline, with fixed albeit arbitrary N. After first quantization one obtains spin-N/2 states in the Hilbert space. Consistency conditions for second quantization, realized in the form of BRST quantization, can severely restrict the background fields in target space, putting them on-shell. In the N=2 case the target space can host a Yang-Mills gauge theory, while in N=4 it is possible to have Einstein's gravity and the NS-NS sector of Supergravity.

After explaining these passages, I will present some new results involving the Ramond-Ramond fluxes, the topological sectors and a complex structure in the target. Based on a work with I. Sachs and an on-going work with O. Hulik and I. Sachs.