Seminár z kognitívnej vedy a umelej inteligencie - Barbora Cimrová (26.4.2016)

v utorok 26.4.2016 o 16:30 hod. v miestnosti I/9

25. 04. 2016 14.46 hod.
Od: Igor Farkaš

Prednášajúca:  RNDr. Barbora Cimrová, PhD.

Názov prednášky: Brain-computer interface in stroke rehabilitation

Termín:  26.4.2016, 16:30 hod., I/9

Hemiparesis affects about 80 percent of stroke survivors, causing weakness or the inability to move one side of the body. The robot-assisted brain-computer interface (BCI) is a promising tool for stroke patients neurorehabilitation. One of the basic principle is to create the feedback loop based on motor imagery evoked brain signal used for controlling the device exercising patient’s own limb. Pre-training with EEG neuro-feedback and/or mirror-box training might help modulate sensory-motor-related brain oscillatory rhythms more easily and unintentionally. The talk will focus on practical aspects of these efforts observed during a longitudinal study with a paretic patient.