Seminár z kognitívnej vedy - Roman Rosipal (8.11.2016)

v utorok 8.11.2016 o 16:30 hod. v miestnosti I/9

07. 11. 2016 09.26 hod.
Od: Igor Farkaš

Prednášajúci: Mgr. Ing. Roman Rosipal, PhD. (Ústav merania SAV v Bratislave)

Názov: Novel concepts of the sleep process modeling or can we go a step further?

Termín: 8.11.2016, 16:30 hod., I/9


It is very challenging but a tricky research question to what extent polysomnographic recordings of nocturnal human sleep can provide information about sleep quality. It was already in 1958, when the standardized sleep-scoring manual was introduced and with some modest modifications has been used in clinical practice until now. While this scoring system mimics general dynamics of the sleep process, it is limited in its ability to provide objective measures of the sleep quality that would correlate with important factors of the humans’ daytime behavior and cognitive abilities. With the aim to overcome these limits we introduced and validated a new concept of sleep modeling based on the probabilistic sleep model. The model operates on an arbitrary number of different sleep microstates and high time resolution. In the talk I will briefly summarize our longer research effort in this area that includes topics such as healthy sleep modeling, searching for objective components for sleep quality indexing and their connection to daytime neurophysiological and cognitive performance. Then I will present our recent developments of the advanced functional data analysis approaches for sleep quality profiling of patients after stroke.