Ponuka na spoluprácu v rámci projektu Horizon 2020

Robotics in Application Areas (ICT-46-2020)

14. 05. 2020 13.26 hod.
Od: Juraj Tóth

Dear Sir/Madam: Hope this finds you well. I'm writing with regard to possible cooperation on Horizon 2020 project - Robotics in Application Areas (ICT-46-2020)

 We're looking for a company with spectral photonics expertise to equip a drone with a lightweight Hyper Spectral camera. Briefly, Librimind is an AI-driven platform designed to provide agricultural companies with transparency of their production yield. Please see our short presentation. Librimind has domain expertise working with industrial companies, accumulated vast knowledge in the industrial ecosystem and assembled an industry veteran advisory team from world's largest enterprises. Librimind solution was awarded as the Best Integration of Human Intelligence into the AI Lifecycle and selected as the top 10 global cleantech solutions by Colorado Cleantech Industries Association. When will be the best time for you to schedule a call to share your perspective on the programme and joining the consortium? Looking forward to hearing from you.

I would be grateful for a reply to my e-mail address below:
Victor Genin