Seminár z teoretickej informatiky - Dana Pardubská (22.4.2016)

v piatok 22.4.2016 o 11:00 hod. v miestnosti M/213

18. 04. 2016 11.07 hod.
Od: Rastislav Královič

Prednášajúci: Dana Pardubská

Názov: Translations by Regulated Parallel Communicating Grammar Systems

Termín: 22.4.2016, 11:00 hod., M/213


Parallel communicating grammar systems (PCGSs) and their regulated variant (RPCGSs) are used to introduce a translation as a binary relation between the words generated simultaneously by two components of such a system. Using sample translations we show that RPCGSs can generate a hierarchy of translation classes with respect to the number of strings communicated during the corresponding derivations. 

In the second part we show how to transform an arbitrary RPCGS into an analysis by reduction represented by a new version of freely rewriting restarting automaton. 

Podľa článku D. Pardubská, F. Mráz a M. Plátek: Translations by Regulated Parallel Communicating Grammar Systems. JALC 16(2-4): 215-251 (2011)