Design of Experiments in Nonlinear Models: Asymptotic Normality, Optimality Criteria and Small-Sample Properties / Luc Prozanto, Andrej Pázman

10. 04. 2013 11.22 hod.
Od: Tomáš Vinař

This book introduce basic concepts and discuss asymptotic properties of estimators in nonlinear models. … a major emphasis of the book is on deriving the asymptotic properties of estimators from properties of the experimental design. … this book covers a wealth of material, including algorithms for finding optimum designs. I believe this book is an excellent reference for researchers. It also might be suitable for an advanced graduate course.

William I. Notz, Mathematical Reviews, March, 2014

Vydavateľstvo: Springer
ISBN: 978-1461463627
Rok vydania: 2013

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