Doktorandské kolokvium KAI - Radovan Gregor (6.5.2024)

v pondelok 6.5.2024 o 13:10 hod. v miestnosti I/9

01. 05. 2024 21.53 hod.
Od: Damas Gruska

Prednášajúci: Radovan Gregor

Názov: Mirroring mechanisms for trustworthy human-robot interaction

Termín: 29.4.2024, 13:10 hod., I/9

The discovery of a group of neurons in the premotor cortex of macaque monkeys that became active both when the monkeys performed certain actions and when they observed another individual performing the same actions proposed the existence of a neural system that "mirrors" the actions of others,giving rise to a name Mirror Neuron System (Rizzolatti G., 1992). This discovery has had a major impact on our understanding of the neural basis of social cognition and has been the subject of numerous studies.
This presentation will investigate the use of mirroring mechanisms for establishing trustworthy human-robot interaction. Specifically, it will focus on designing a MNS model based on neural networks, implementing it in a humanoid robot NICO and evaluating its effectiveness in human-robot interaction scenarios.