Seminár z fyziky kondenzovaných látok - Leonid Golub (26.4.2024)

v piatok 26.4.2024 o 14:00 hod. v miestnosti F1 109

28. 03. 2024 21.37 hod.
Od: František Herman

Prednášajúci: Leonid Golub (University of Regensburg)

Názov: Weak localization phenomenon

Termín: 26.4.2024, 14:00 hod., F1/108


Weak localization (WL) is a quantum transport phenomenon that occurs due to the interference of electronic de Broglie waves. WL is observed in metals and semiconductors as a correction to the conductivity, which anomalously depends on temperature and magnetic field. This interference can be partially disrupted by various factors such as inter-electron scattering, spin relaxation, or inter-valley scattering and valley-dependent splittings in multi-valley systems. During the talk, we will discuss the calculation of the WL conductivity correction and apply the formalism to the problem of WL in spin-orbit coupled graphene.