Doktorandské kolokvium KAI - František Dráček (4.3.2024)

v pondelok 4.3.2024 o 13:10 hod. v miestnosti I/9

29. 02. 2024 12.23 hod.
Od: Damas Gruska

Prednášajúci: František Dráček

Názov: Anomaly detection from TLE data

Termín: 4.3.2024, 13:10 hod., I/9

The burgeoning number of objects in Low Earth Orbit (LEO) poses a critical challenge for satellite operators, demanding robust collision avoidance measures. Although extensive databases track these objects, identifying anomalies within this data is crucial. This research investigates the application of machine learning methods to automatically detect anomalies in satellite data, potentially enhancing space situational awareness and safeguarding future space operations.